Religious School

Just    Be    Jewish    at  Temple  Beit    Torah


 We transformed the old model of Religious School to family life education, a new way for students and parents to engage.

JBJ is a new model of life long learning for our community.  Our goal is to conduct a series of learning moments that offer insight into Judaism through interactive, hands on learning. We are breaking the model of “school” and begin thinking about Judaism as a lens through which to see and live in the world,   guided by our core values.

We currently conduct our Sunday morning program beginning with the idea that JBJ will for everyone from 9 am-12 pm on scheduled dates.  The Sunday morning program includes an integrated Hebrew program as we introduce everyone to the idea the Hebrew is more than a prayer book language, it  is  a living language.  You will notice new signage that reinforces this concept.

It is so important that families engage in Jewish life and learning together, that we created a MAKOM (gathering place) in the upstairs lounge.  It is a place to gather, schmooze, hang out and of course enjoy a little nosh and good coffee.


2017 – 2018:   Religious School School Newsletter and Calendar

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